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Postal vote application deadline: Submit by 5PM, 11 working days before the date of the poll

This is an easy way to apply for your postal vote online. You need to already be registered to vote so if you haven't already registered, click here to go to the official site and find out how.

Please note that this free service is not official, we are not affiliated or sanctioned by the electoral commission, but it is a safe, secure and easy way to send your application for a postal vote without wasting time printing out and posting pieces of paper! All we do is electronically fill the application form for you, and where possible, email it to your local electoral office. You will always receive a copy to your own email inbox.

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This is the address where you are registered to vote. If you are not registered to vote, you must register before being able to apply for a postal vote. Please click here to find out how to register.

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This is the address where your postal vote ballot paper will be sent. For example this could be your normal home address, work address, university accommodation, or your second home. Your ballot is usually sent in the weeks prior to the election.

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Please write your signature on a piece of white paper with a good pen. You can then take a picture of it with your smartphone. It is essential that you add your signature so that your electoral office can check against it when you send in your ballot paper for the vote. If you are filling out the form on a smartphone you will be able to directly take a picture of your signature. Your signature and other information is never stored by us.

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