About this service

What is this?

This service launched in 2016. This is a completely free and easy way to apply for your postal vote online. You need to be registered to vote so if you haven't already registered, click here to go to the official site and find out how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I donate?

I don't accept any donations for my work on this website. However, if you appreciate it then please consider donating to The Work Rights Centre, a charity I helped found and continue to support. The Work Rights Centre offers free and confidential employments rights advice to people trapped in precarious work conditions. You can read more about the brilliant work they do here.

Terms and conditions

This is an unofficial service that guarantees no support. So please use at your own discretion, because we accept no legal responsibility for you receiving your postal vote. If your electoral office don't get back to you, it's not our fault! If the email never reaches them due to spam blockers or any other reason, that is not our fault. If the site breaks and doesn't send them anything, sorry but just try again - no guarantees. We don't store your data on our site. Our secure email platform may store your email address for up to 30 days to manage email bounces. But if someone steals your data, don't blame us - they probably hacked your email. We reserve the right to use Google Analytics to record the number of people who use the website, but this is not personal information. Some cookies may be used for the basic functioning of the site, but nothing to do with any of your personal data.

Special thanks to Democracy Club for providing data for this service.